spocto Score

AI backed score on basis of behavioural data

Early warning signals that save credit losses

AI and ML-backed scores are based on alternate data sources to help you assess customers’ willingness to repay dues.

What you get

Value at risk

  • Dissect high-risk accounts
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Ascertain risk value of portfolio


  • Granular analysis of high-risk customers
  • Understanding interests and channel affinities
  • Assess payment probabilities

Probability to pay

  • Segregate customers based on relevant identifiers like contactability and channel touchpoints.

Real-time Monitoring

  • Assess important indicators in real-time
  • Pre-empt damage by redirecting high-balance customers to better-performing collector

spocto Score Advantages

Human behaviour is difficult to decipher, but we have made it a tad easier. Our monthly refresh scores
use advanced machine-learning algorithms to predict individual behaviour and the likelihood of
customers repaying the debt.

850+ alternate data sources are used to generate insights from digital behaviour

100% compliance adherence to data privacy regulations

Up to 18 % average optimisation and 21% resolution scope with pre-emptive measures

Upto 5X enhancement of live agent capacity, with fewer customers routed to live agents with faster and more efficient collection capabilities.

spocto Client Speak

We have been associated with spocto for over three years. Their services have greatly complemented our product offerings. Their digital collections platform, SmartCollect, has enabled us to serve our customers better and at a lower cost.

Mr. Ramsunder B. Vice President, Fintech & Strategy @TVS

Yubi has been the easiest platform in India so far, for any financial service. This was easiest to get on board. It is asking the core questions and eliminating a lot of processes by coming to the point. It gets to the core of what the lender wants.

Shailendra Kharwar Independent Investment Consultant

Federal Bank, in partnership with Yubi, has effectively automated the end-to-end processes for direct assignments of retail portfolios. In Yubi, we have found a strong partner and look forward to expanding our relationship with them over the coming years.

Shalini Warrier Executive Director and Head of Retail Business, Federal Bank

It all begins with understanding each other.

Recommendation Guru

Machine-recommended dynamic allocation engine