Smart Settle

Gamifying settlement journeys

Restructuring journeys to maximise collection value

Three-click instant settlement journey without manual intervention

Smart Settle

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What you get

Gamified settlement engine

  • N=1 optimisation

Proprietary Re-engagement Algorithms

  • Re-engagement algorithms deployed across the settlement funnel
  • Maximise settlement value

100% Compliance Adherence

  • Customer content-driven journey
  • Ensures complete adherence to compliance standards

Fast implementation

  • < 1-day TAT to configure settlement journey as per bank’s settlement grids

Smart Settle Advantages

Enhancing collection value by gamifying settlement journey and providing satisfactory customer experiences.

Upto 20% drop in collection spend

4% increase in NPS

spocto Client Speak

We have been associated with spocto for over three years. Their services have greatly complemented our product offerings. Their digital collections platform, SmartCollect, has enabled us to serve our customers better and at a lower cost.

Mr. Ramsunder B. Vice President, Fintech & Strategy @TVS

Yubi has been the easiest platform in India so far, for any financial service. This was easiest to get on board. It is asking the core questions and eliminating a lot of processes by coming to the point. It gets to the core of what the lender wants.

Shailendra Kharwar Independent Investment Consultant

Federal Bank, in partnership with Yubi, has effectively automated the end-to-end processes for direct assignments of retail portfolios. In Yubi, we have found a strong partner and look forward to expanding our relationship with them over the coming years.

Shalini Warrier Executive Director and Head of Retail Business, Federal Bank

It all begins with understanding each other.

Smart Collect

Accurate assessment of next-best-action